How to Check Bonga Points

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How to Check Bonga Points
How to Check Bonga Points

How to Check Bonga Points - Let's dive into the world of Safaricom's Bonga Points Program. It's a remarkable customer loyalty initiative that embraces both postpaid and prepaid users. This program blesses its members with benefits for every interaction they have on the Safaricom network. This in-depth guide will serve as your ally, whether you're new to this service or seeking a refresher on the aspects of registration, balance checking, transferring, and redeeming Bonga Points.

Stepping Into the Bonga Points Universe: The Sign-Up Procedure

Embarking on your Bonga Points journey is a piece of cake. Register by dialing *126# from your Safaricom line, reply with 4 in the dialogue box, and press the send button. Upon successful sign-up, you'll be rewarded with a confirmation message and a welcome gift of 10 complimentary points.

Alternatively, open your SIM toolkit app, choose Safaricom+, then Bonga. The registration option will be conspicuous. If you provide all the needed personal data, you'll receive an extra 20 Bonga points. You can do this at a Safaricom shop or customer care center. Remember, every 10 KES spent from your Safaricom line earns you 1 Bonga point.

Monitoring Your Bonga Points Balance

Post-registration, keeping track of your Bonga Points from your SIM card is simple. Dial *4563#, follow the instructions or text "POINTS" to 124. For prepaid clients, balances are updated one hour after your last airtime usage. For post-paid users, balances are reflected after Safaricom updates your call records.

Guarding Your Bonga Points with a Pin

To protect your Bonga Points from potential fraud, setting up a Bonga point pin is wise. For prepaid customers, follow this guide:

  1. Dial *126# from your dialer.
  2. Reply with 98 to access additional options.
  3. Respond with 6 to set your Bonga point pin.
  4. Reply with 1 to set a new pin.
  5. Enter your national identification number and press send.
  6. In the next prompt, enter the last amount you recently topped up and press send.
  7. Set your new pin and click send.
  8. Confirm the new Bonga point pin.

For postpaid users, call the Safaricom customer service on 200. Your pin will be set automatically.

Transferring or Redeeming Bonga Points: Simplified

Sharing or transferring Safaricom Bonga points is straightforward. First, note down the recipient's number. Check your Bonga Points balance by dialing *126# then select “Check Bonga Points Balance”. Then, dial *126# again, choose option 4 labeled “Transfer Bonga Points”. Enter the recipient number, the Bonga Points you wish to transfer, and your Bonga PIN.

Alternatively, dial 1264#, enter the recipient mobile number and the amount to transfer. Click OK to confirm.

Cashing in Your Bonga Points

Bonga Points can be redeemed for a variety of offers, including SMS and MMS, talk time minutes, data, credit, and even merchandise. Here's how to redeem Bonga Points:

  1. Dial *126# from your dialer.
  2. Select option 3 to redeem Bonga Points.
  3. Choose the offers you wish to redeem, ranging from Data, SMS, talk time minutes to credit.
  4. After successful redemption, you'll receive a confirmation text message.

To redeem Bonga Points for merchandise, visit a Safaricom retail shop near you.

Lipa na Bonga Points: Paying with Your Loyalty Points

"Lipa na Bonga" enables you to pay your bills using your Bonga Points. Here's how:

  1. Visit eligible Lipa na M-Pesa Safaricom outlets.
  2. Shop in accordance with your Bonga Points balance.
  3. Dial *126# and choose Lipa na Bonga Points.
  4. Pay your bill.

For each 10 Bonga Points, you get two shillings. Use the Bonga Points calculator to determine your total.

Safaricom Bonga Points: Sticking to the Terms and Conditions

Abiding by the Safaricom Bonga Points terms and conditions is crucial. Bonga Points cannot be converted to cash. Buying or selling Bonga Points is against Safaricom's terms and conditions, and violation could lead to exclusion from the program.

Maximize your Bonga Points to redeem them later for a range of benefits. By now, you should have a complete understanding of the Bonga loyalty scheme. Remember to follow the program's terms and conditions.

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