Top 8 Belgium Scholarships for Global Students

Top 8 Belgium Scholarships for Global Students
Top 8 Belgium Scholarships for Global Students

Scholarships in Belgium for International Students - Belgium, a hub of world-class education and home to several top-ranking universities, extends a warm welcome to international students with an array of scholarship programs. Especially targeted towards students from developing nations, these scholarships are part of a concerted effort by the Belgian Government and numerous Belgian Universities to promote development cooperation and cultivate a global educational ecosystem. This article delves into a comprehensive guide on the premier eight scholarships that Belgium offers to international students​​.

1. VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships: Cultivating Global Change-makers

The VLIR-UOS scholarships are tailor-made for students originating from certain developing nations across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These scholarships allow recipients to pursue a Training or Master’s Programme in a development-related field at Belgian Universities. The scholarships comprehensively cover tuition fees, accommodation, living allowances, travel expenses, and other program-associated costs​​.

2. Master Mind Scholarships by the Government of Flanders: Promoting Global Excellence

Launched by the Government of Flanders, the Master Mind Scholarships aim to champion the internationalization of Flemish Higher Education. The program bestows up to 35 scholarships on exceptional Master's students worldwide. A scholarship up to 7,500 Euros per academic year is awarded to successful applicants, with the Flemish Host Institution charging a maximum tuition fee of 100 Euros per annum​​.

3. Erasmus Mundus Programmes in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: Gateway to Global Opportunities

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation presents study grants for Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees and doctorate degrees at Belgian Universities. These grants are a testament to the commitment of Belgian educational institutions towards facilitating access to quality education for international students​​.

4. Science@Leuven Scholarships: Fostering Scientific Minds

Tailored for ambitious and talented international students, the Science@Leuven Scholarships provide an opportunity to be part of an international master program at the Faculty of Science of the K.U.Leuven. The scholarships, which can amount up to 10,000 Euros for 1 year, cover tuition fees, insurance, and basic health insurance coverage. Living expense allocation may vary depending on the specific case​​.

5. Ghent University Top-up Grants: Empowering Developing Nations Through Education

Ghent University awards Top-up Grants to students from countries listed on the OESO-DAC, who aspire to attain a master’s degree at Ghent University. The scholarship package includes a monthly allowance of 1,000 Euros and a comprehensive insurance plan​.

6. Liege Heritage Foundation Scholarships: Celebrating International Educational Diversity

Liege University presents scholarships to both EU and non-EU students who seek to pursue a Master’s Degree or PhD Degree at the University. These scholarships aim to stimulate academic diversity and enhance the cultural richness within the university's academic community​​.

7. ARES Scholarships: Shaping Global Leaders

ARES awards an average of 150 masters scholarships and 70 training scholarships annually to nationals of developing countries. These scholarships cover an extensive range of expenses, including international travel, living allowance, tuition fees, insurance, and housing allowance​​.

8. Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowships: Strengthening Transatlantic Academic Bonds

The Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) invites applications from U.S citizens or permanent residents for fellowships for advanced study or research at a Belgian University or institution of higher learning for an academic year. B.A.E.F. grants up to ten fellowships each year, with a stip end of $28,000 for Master’s or Ph.D. students, and $32,000 for Post-doctoral Fellows​​.

In summary, these eight premier scholarship programs in Belgium offer a golden opportunity for international students to gain access to high-quality education, foster personal development, and expand their cultural horizons. These scholarships not only lessen the financial burden but also pave the way for global scholars to engage in an enriching academic journey. As an aspiring international student, these scholarships can act as the stepping stones towards realizing your academic dreams in the heart of Europe. Start planning your academic trajectory in Belgium and let these scholarships light your path to success.

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